Hey all. Good Morning, or good afternoon. How was your weekend? I spent mine with my boyfriend, and some new people I met this weekend. I am very happy to have gotten some friends here in this city, because I have just got to know some friends that live some hours, and I can't meet them whenever. So I am very happy! 


Yesterday, Victoria and Hanne came to visit me. We put some makeup in our faces, and went out. Then Victoria lost her wallet with her bankcard and buscard inside, but luckily for her, we got contact with the owner of the store the wallet was in, and the owner came to open the store. I am very happy that there is people out there that is willing to help, when it's actually not possible. If it was another person, she would maybe not get it before tomorrow. So God bless you Anita. 


After, we went to take the bus to go to Hanne's place. There we made some Taco's, we watched movies - Lights Out and We're The Millers. Then I left home with Aida in the car, home to my boyfriend. 

What have you done this weekend? 






- Camilla Lyding Egenes


Hey u all! Yesterday was not a good blog day for me, I was out with my friend Henriette, and then we met Hanna, Siv and Victoria. We went home to my place, listened music, small talk. Me and the 3 new girls I met, we took the bus to some of their friends, Henriette had to go home. The place we weny to, I also met Emilie, and some others, but it was those 4 girls I got to know, and it was very fun! I dont know much people here in Haugesund, so I really enjoyed it. I am going to meet them again today, gonna be a funfunfun ♡


How did you spend your friday night?





- Camilla Lyding Egenes



I love these pictures!!! On the picture on the top is the bridge over to Risy, so what you see here is part of the centrum, because I am at RIsy snapping the picture. The picture down is me standing under the same bridge, snapping down to the dock, where all (not all but most) restaurants and nightclubs are. Very beautiful!



Me and my lovely little sister! Love u much much!!



This picture I took some months ago, travelling from Haugesund to Kristiansand, then we had to stop in Oslo, so this is view of Oslo. Its beautiful. And this was my second time flying, the first time was in the night, so I didn't see much, but when this picture was taken, I saw everything, and it was so beautiful. A beautiful experience.



This is me and my best friend, Mohamed. He is like a brother to me... Wait... He IS my brother, just from another mother... Family isn't always by blood.



My precious! LEO ♥



When I took my tattoo, oh my F***ng God, it was painful, but it was so worth it! Don't regret one second!


Me trying on my little sisters ball gown. I never had a beautiful clothes like that on me before, it was a really good feeling. I can
't wait to wear a wedding gown!



Here me and my mother, and Sjakk of course (the dog) were climbing the mountain. Phuu, it was hard! But look how beautiful Sjakk is. Always!



Me and baby!

- Camilla Lyding Egenes


Some of my favorites at the moment. Enjoy them ♥
- Camilla Lyding Egenes


I wonder if there is someone there that want to get to know me better? Or maybe have a question you wanted to ask me for a long time, now is the chance - you can be anonymous if you want that. But I love getting questions and answer them, so come on, throw in some questions for me!


You can ask me anything, but remember, there is ALWAYS a line that shouldn't be crossed, just saying, hehe.


- Camilla Lyding Egenes

This is the part of my body that I love, I adore, and I cherish. I took this tattoo some few months ago, and I don't regret one second. I have another tattoo, and that one, I really hate it. So I am happy I now have a tattoo I can be proud of. I miss him everyday, I think about him everyday, I look at him everyday. He will always be here with me.

- Camilla Lyding Egenes

Its late... I should be sleeping by now. My love just fell asleep. Poor thing had exam today, and school early in the morning.

I am thinking about telling my officer at nav, where you get financial support, that I wanna try to start easy on something she can offer me to do. I haven't felt "healthy" enough, or what you can call it, to actually do something. It have been too much stress and stuff like that, for some time now. I will get back to some issues I have had, that I would like to write down, somewhere I can always find it. And also tell people my story. Lol that sounded weird.

I will not keep you for long. I will go to sleep now, and dream about all good things in life. Good Night ♡

- Camilla Lyding Egenes

I have to WARN that this post have bad words.

Its flying news in Norway about a group of 38.000 members, writing disgusting and sick things about women, kids and babies. I will translate the comments in English so all can know what I am writing about.

Here you can see some of the comments.

Thomas Vandraas : How does the little brother know that big sister is having the period? By tasting blood from dads d**k.

Marcus stlie : What do you do after li***ng the absolutely delicious and softest p***y in your life? Put the baby back in the stroller.

Julian Rene Hystad : How many babies do you need to paint the wall red? It depends on how hard you throw.

Well, its going on like that. And I am just here like - hhh what?? This is so sick that I can't even believe it. But sadly, its true.

And not only that, they have been posting nude photos of one of the most famous bloggers here in Norway, talking trash.
Also saying that a woman looked like she have been raped. And also exposing a 13-year old girls number on this group - after saying she should be raped and sexually and violently abused....

These men. No, they are not men, they are not even human. They dont deserve to live another day on this planet, with those thoughts and ideas... sick sick sick....

Would like if you shared this so people can know about what kind of people that we are dealing with in this life. It could be anyone's father, uncle, someone at work.... Not only men, of course. But in this case it's men.

- Camilla Lyding Egenes

We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same. We are united by the reality that all colours and all cultures are distinct & individual. We are harmonious in the reality that we are all held to this earth by the same gravity. We don't share blood, but we share the air that keeps us alive. I will not blind myself and say that my black brother is not different from me. I will not blind myself and say that my brown sister is not different from me. But my black brother is he as much as I am me. But my brown sister is she as much as I am me.


- Camilla Lyding Egenes


I am sitting here, watching Tv. With thought's running trough my mind. I am thinking of how unfair this life is. There are millions struggling everyday, to just go trough the day. Is there no one that can help? I am thinking, all these billionaire's, if they all collect 10$ each, it could save so many lives! Is there no one that think this? No one that can do something about it? I just wish I could, but one day.... I will do what I can do. 

I am watching at these Isis documentary. It's so painful to watch, but more people should watch it - to know what really happens around the world. We in Norway are to spoilt. We don't know how it is to be without food for days, weeks, months.... We have food on the table everyday, several times in the day, we have clothes to wear, we have luxury lives, compared to over half the world. And it's sad. Very sad. Why? Because we become bigots. And then complaining when people, running for their lives, running from war. Running from their loved ones, families, mothers, children. And we complain that they come and destroy our country? What if it was us, that were running for our lives, and we will be treated so bad, because we have another view at life, because we have other ways to live. It's bad, very bad! 

ISIS... The cruelest things I've ever seen I think!

Yes, I can understand sometimes, why Norwegians complain. But, they shouldn't forget what happened to them. Do you think they want to leave their families? To live in a different country with different kind of people? No, I don't think so.

Foreigners get many possibilities when they come and apply for asylum here in Norway. They get houses, food, clothes, stuff... Norwegians don't think they deserve it - but do you know what? I think they deserve it. We could never imagine living in their shoes. Seen what they seen. Losses. Oh God... yes, GOD! 
If there were a God, how the hell could he accept all this that is happening? God could walk on water, wake up from the dead, and who knows what else, then why the hell can't he stop poverty, suffering, war??? No, I don't believe in God, because of many reasons. But no, no God in this world. It's too miserable to have a God watching over us. 

Do you have some thoughts about this?
Do you agree with me? 

- Camilla Lyding Egenes


The time is 12.31 AM, and I am sitting in the sofa with my love. We have a pizza in the oven, and maybe going to watch some movie, I don\t know, we will see. Well, I dont have much on heart now, so good night all, and sleep tight! 
Here is a song for all of you, it is my number 1 favorite. Enjoy!
- Camilla Lyding Egenes


Hi everyone! I am back, and this time I will write my blog in English - for two reasons. The first is that I have alot of English-speaking friends, and an English-speaking boyfriend, and I would like them all to understand my blog. The second is, EVERYTHING is more beautiful when you say it in English, right? And I am sort of forgetting my Norwegian. That's how it is when you are around your boyfriend all the time, and the language we speak together is - English! Yes I know, I should be teaching him Norwegian, but he is so good teaching himself, from movie subtitles. Thats my Francis! 

Well, I am happy to be back. I always had a passion for writing. And I really need a hobby.
But... I dont know what my readers want to read about? So I accept all opinions! This blog is not only for me, but for all of you to! 

- Camilla Lyding Egenes

Camilla Lyding Egenes

Hey you. I am Camilla, 24-year old girl, living in haugesund with my boyfriend. On this blog you can read about my daily life, my struggles in life, my stories. I hope you will enjoy! :D


Oktober 2016


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